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RibbonBarrette.com carries only the highest quality ribbons in a variety of styles, colors and widths. For grosgrains, sheers, wired ribbons, jacquards, double ruffle ribbons, and more, check our inventory of beautiful, durable ribbons for any purpose!  Our ribbon barrettes are perfect for sporting events, cheer teams, dancers, to show spirit and support, to sell as a fundraiser, and to math a special dress for a special occasion...or even an everyday occasion. A girl just can't have too many bows.

Planning a special event? Our bows are the perfect accent for weddings, Easter parties, and a welcome addition to any party gift bag. Order ribbon barrettes in your chosen colors in sheer styles for a dreamy, fairytale princess effect, in cheery dot or print grosgrain for a celebration of spring, or in pastel with trailing tails for the perfect compliment to an Easter dress.

For cheer and dance competitions, we offer a wide variety of team colors and prints in satin and grosgrain designs. If we don't have your specific team, we have a huge selection of mascots and icons to choose from, including various animals and symbols, dance and cheer silhouettes, and word and slogan prints featuring cheery colors to match any school or team uniform.

And with RibbonBarrette.com hair barrettes, you never have to worry about losing your barrette during a competition or performance. We use the highest quality hardware available on the market. Your barrette is guaranteed to stay in place.

Ribbon barrettes make great fundraisers, too. Order ribbons in school colors and they will sell like hotcakes. Kids love items that show their school and team pride...especially if they look great wearing them. Parents will love the affordability of our quality products, and the booster organization or team organizer will love reaping the profits from a hot selling item. RibbonBarrette hair decorations are win-win-win!

DIY Ribbons and Supplies

Interested in making your own hair barrettes? RibbonBarrette.com also offers the supplies and know-how to do it yourself. Save money and build skills at the same time as you enlist the kids on the team to help out. It's a great craft and a fun project to prepare for an event or just as a fun party activity. We'll provide the training videos. You develop the skill.


Ribbon Barettes

Beautiful ribbon barrettes in a huge variety of colors and styles.


Buy ribbons and hardware for DIY crafting fun!