Ribbons Galore!

There are many different kinds of ribbon. This glossary will detail kinds of ribbon and what they are used for. But feel free to experiment on your own. Breaking the rules can result in beautiful and unexpected hair art!

Ribbon is a versatile fabric that has been popular in every country for centuries. It is used for all sorts of decorative arts and crafts, but we think the most harming use of ribbon is for hair bows and hair clips. Who doesn't love a girl dressed up in ribbons and bows?

There are many different types of ribbon. Here are the most popular:

  • Grosgrain Ribbon: Grosgrain ribbon is heavier and thicker than most ribbons. It is made of ribbed textured silk or polyester and comes in a huge variety of colors and prints. Grosgrain is one of the most popular hair ribbon fabrics because it is durable, holds its shape, and ties beautifully. It coems in varying widths from 1/8th inch to 2 inches. Grosgrain ribbon is frequently used for school and team ribbons.
  • Satin Ribbon: Satin ribbons are very popular and familiar. Satin ribbon may be made of satin or more durable polyester with a satin finish. Satin ribbon are light weight and have lustrous sheen, and are often finished on both sides (called double-faced ribbon)> Satin ribbon makes a wonderful hair accessory. It's soft texture makes a floppy bow with a hand-tied look.
  • Double Ruffle Ribbon: Double ruffle ribbons are beautiful fabric, usually a combination of a single faced satin overlaid onto a wider ribbon, either another satin or a grosgrain. The effect is similar to a frame, and the layers add stability and workability to a soft fabric.
  • Organza Ribbon: Organza is a delicate sheer fabric with a gauzy, often shiny or sparkly finish. It is mostly used for formal occasions, like weddings, proms, or princess dresses. It may have wired, finished, or unfinished serge edges. Organza ribbon is made of nylon or silk. It is most commonly found in pale pastel colors, but bold colors are available as well. If you're looking for an ultra-feminine, airy look, or to dress up any formal occasion (or princess costume) organza is your best choice.


Ribbon Barettes

Beautiful ribbon barrettes in a huge variety of colors and styles.


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