Ribbon Barrette Tips

Finding the exact bow you want in your team colors can be frustrating...and sometimes, you just want to do it yourself. Making your own bows, adding your own personal touches that saisfy your sense of style is a creative way to add fun and color to your wardrobe, celebrate your team or school, or just jazz up an otherwise dull day.

Selecting Materials


There are several hardware options for making ribbon barrettes. You can go with a plastic or metal, a slide-in or spring design, an alligator clip, or a simple bobby-pin type. The kind and size of the hardware should correspond to the kind of bow you want to create. A bobby pin will support a tiny folded ribbon rose, but for a layered cheer bow, you'll need a large, good quality metal barrette base with a spring-loaded clip. This type of barrette hardware will also support embellishments, like hanging charms, jewels, or rhinestones.

Ribbons and Embellishments

There are many options available to dress up your ribbon barrettes. Choose a ribbon that fits your project. Choose based on color, width, thickness, and style that fits your vision. You can also add personality with beads, vintage jewelry components, decorative buttons, charms, rhinestones, or fabric flowers. When selecting embellishments, choose objects in proportion with the base. The ribbon and barrette should be wide enough to support the charms you plan to add, and the barrette should be completely covered by the bow and embellishments so that the ends do not show.


There are several methods of attaching ribbons and embellishments to barrettes. The best way to attach jewels and charms to a ribbon is by hot glue or glue made specifically to stick hard items like rhinestones to cloth. This type of jeweler's glue is thick and easy to work with, but takes a while to completely dry. If you want instant results, use hot glue. If you're using beads or charms, the most reliable method of attachment is sewing with monofilament line or beading wire.


Ribbon Barettes

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